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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program is specially designed to engage and inspire 5 to 8 year olds. Using skill based games, obstacle courses and simple movements like rolls and tumbles, kids learn basic karate techniques and develop their movement and coordination. We also teach kids age-appropriate self-defence skills, such as the importance of not wandering off on their own.

But the best part of karate is not any kick, strike or block. The most powerful skills we teach are those of resilience, self-control, positive attitude and respect for self and others. These skills build strong foundations for success at school and beyond.

Benefits of Karate

  • improve concentration, self-control and confidence
  • respect for self and others, teamwork and positive attitude
  • improve hand-eye coordination, balance and agility
  • improve health and fitness
  • a sense of accomplishment from mastering physical and mental challenges that increase in difficulty as skills improve
  • make friends and be part of an encouraging community of students all striving to fulfil their highest potential

Many parents tell us that our programs have given their young children greater confidence and improved concentration during those critical early education years. With a good balance of boys and girls in all our classes, we are proud to provide a fun and friendly environment for every child.

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Beginner Timetable


  • Little Dragon Beginners


    White to Orange Belt (Beginners)


  • Little Dragon


    Green & Above Belt


  • Little Dragon Beginners


    White to Orange Belt (Beginners)


  • Little Dragon


    Green & Above Belt


  • Little Dragon


    Kata Training – Red & Above Belts


  • Little Dragon Beginners


    White to Orange Belt (Beginners)

Class Structure

Our Little Dragons classes include

  • basics of how to block, strike and kick
  • kata (choreographed patterns of movement)
  • age appropriate self-defence skills
  • techniques for increasing power and speed
  • balance and coordination exercises
  • games designed to encourage positive self-belief, teamwork and concentration.

Little Dragon Black Belt

The Little Dragon Black Belt is the culmination of more than 3 years training. It shows a willingness to improve both physically and mentally. The dedication and discipline required shows real strength of character.  It is an outstanding achievement for those who earn it.


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We also provide a free uniform and white belt upon enrolment.

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