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Adult Karate

There is no such thing as being too old for karate. Focused on developing and coordinating the powers of mind and body, we offer training that is tailored to your age and physical condition. You will train side-by-side with other students at your level, giving you every opportunity to achieve your optimum level of fitness and skill.

Regular exercise and mindful focus is a powerful way to improve your mental and physical health. Many of us drift through life believing that we are operating at our best, when in fact we are far from it. Whether you like the idea of earning your black belt or simply want to learn some self defence and strengthen your body and mind, our world-class instructors will help you get the most out of karate.

Benefits of Karate

  • learn potentially life-saving self defence skills
  • improve fitness and energy
  • increase speed and agility
  • improve strength and power
  • boost balance and flexibility
  • enjoy a sense of accomplishment from challenging yourself to master progressively more difficult challenges of skill and physical fitness
  • increase confidence and belief in your capabilities
  • experience better mental focus and discipline in all areas of your life.

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Adult Karate Timetable


  • Adult Karate


    Purple to Black Belt


  • Adult Karate


    White to Blue Belt


  • Adult Karate


    Purple to Black Belt


  • Adult Karate


    White to Blue Belt


  • Adult Karate All Grades


Class Structure

Our classes include

  • how to block, strike and kick
  • kata (choreographed patterns of movement)
  • self-defence skills designed to evade and escape a variety of attacks
  • techniques for increasing your power and speed
  • sparring in a controlled and safe way, using protective equipment to prevent injury
  • fitness work and flexibility exercises
  • challenges designed to encourage positive self-belief and improve mental focus and resilience.

Adult Black Belt

The Adult Black Belt is the culmination of around 4 years training and is an outstanding effort for those who achieve it.  The dedication and discipline required shows real strength of character.  You will always remember the day you became a Black Belt.

Adult Grading Requirements

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We also provide a free uniform and white belt upon enrolment.

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